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Play T-Rex Run Chrome Dinosaur Game

A hidden Google dinosaur game(T-rex game) now can be played online for free!

The Chrome dino game is the dinosaur game, which appears when you try to visit a website while disconnected from the Internet.

The goal is to survive for as long as humanly (or dinosaurly) possible — or at least until your Internet starts working again.

Chrome Dino (also known as T-Rex Game, or the NO INTERNET GAME) is one of the hidden Google games which originally can only be activated when you are offline with Chrome browser. Today this game can be played unblocked.

The game was released in September 2014, but initially struggled to perform on certain platforms — particularly on older Android devices. This necessitated a rewrite, which was completed by December of that year.

270 million games are played each month, across both desktop and mobile. Most players come from markets with expensive or unreliable data — like India, Brazil, Indonesia, and Mexico.

Please play this game with Chrome or Firefox:)

To start the game please follow this link and press Space key or Tap the T-rex to jump.

T-Rex Run Chrome Dinosaur Game

You can play the Chrome dino game without turning on Airplane Mode. Just open chrome://dino in your web browser, and you’ll be taken to an “arcade mode” where you can practice in a full-window environment.

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