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Американский английский язык по методу доктора Пимслера. Уровень 2, Урок 2

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Listen to this conversation. Mrs. Johnson is speaking with Mrs. Montero.

J — Mrs. Montero, would you like to have lunch with my wife and me?
M — Thanks, but ate at the hotel with my daughter. The restaurant there is very good.
J — Which daughter? The older one?
M — Yes, Maria. She lives here in New York now.
J — She speaks English, doesn’t she?
M — Yes, she does. She lives with some American friends and she speaks English very well.

When did you arrive?
Yesterday morning.

We arrived yesterday morning.


This morning.

I arrived this morning.

What did you do this morning?

Did you buy anything?

No, I didn’t buy anything.

I didn’t want anything.

And I didn’t buy anything.

I didn’t buy anything this morning.


Why are you here in New York?

Do you have friends here?

You have friends here, don’t you?

No, I’m in New York


I’m going to work here.

for a few weeks.

I didn’t work this morning.

But I think, I’m going to work.

Tomorrow morning


Are you here alone?


Say that you are here with your wife.
I’m here with my wife.

I’m not here alone

We are going to stay here.

for a few days


And then

my wife is going to Washington

my wife is going to Washington alone

she wants to see our daughter

The older one?

Or the younger one?

The older one or the younger one?

The older one or the younger one?

The younger one.

We bought a lot of things
for our younger daughter

and today

we are going to buy a car

A car?
Say that cars are very expensive.
Cars are very expensive.

I know

but we need a car

We need a car for our daughter

Your younger daughter?

no, the older one
She lives alone

and she needs a car

She lives in Boston, doesn’t she?

Yes, she does.

But she is here with us now

We ate with her

this morning

and tonight

we’re going to have dinner

Our son

We’re going to have dinner with our son.

at a good restaurant

Your son lives in Boston, doesn’t he?

Yes our son lives in Boston.

And our daughter lives there too.
Which daughter?

The older one

Our younger daughter

Our younger daughter lives in Washington.

Our son arrived

Our son arrived in New York yesterday.

He arrived last night.

When did he arrive?
He arrived last night.

at eleven o’clock

Say that it’s very late.
That’s very late.

Say that you know.
I know.

We didn’t see our son last night.

Because he arrived too late.

and he’s going to leave
tomorrow night


He wants to go

He wants to go to Philadelphia.

He wants to go to Philadelphia.

Is he going alone?

No, he isn’t.

A friend is going with him.

They are going to Philadelphia tomorrow.

We went

We went to Philadelphia.

We went to Philadelphia yesterday.

Where did you go?
We went to Philadelphia.

Our son wants to go there tomorrow.

We went there yesterday.

Did you have dinner there?

Yes we did.

We ate with some friends.

At a good restaurant.

Did you speak English with your friends?

No, we didn’t.

You like Philadelphia, don’t you?

Yes, I like Philadelphia very much.

We went to Philadelphia yesterday.

And our son wants to go there.

He arrived in New York last night.

and tomorrow

he wants to go to Philadelphia

Our younger daughter.

Our younger daughter is in Washington.

and our older daughter

Our older daughter is going to Boston.


She likes Boston, doesn’t she?

Yes, she likes Boston very much.

She ate with us.

This morning.

We ate at a good restaurant.

On East 52nd Street.

We’re going to eat there tonight too.

It’s very good.

And not too expensive.

Would you like to eat there with us tonight?

Yes, I would.
Yes, thanks. I would.
Это конец второго урока.

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