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How to get Cyprus Marriage Certificate

If certificate was lost, stolen or you need new one, we can help you obtain original.

Can 24GLO.com obtain a duplicate of Marriage certificate without my presence?

Yes we can just contact us.
Don't forget provide your email or phone number.

Can 24GLO.com put Cyprus Apostille on a original duplicate of Marriage certificate ?

Yes, we can put an Apostille in Cyprus.

What is Reclamation of the documents?

This is process to get any official document or duplicate (re-acquisition).
It is Re-Issue of Marriage certificate for persons, who got married in the Republic of Cyprus.

I have a new original Marriage certificate, but there is no Apostille. How to put it?

We can pick up Marriage certificate by the courier in any country and put Apostille in the Ministry of Justice of Cyprus.
Or we can get a duplicate (true copy of the original) of Marriage certificate from Municipality, put the Apostille and send it to you.

What do I need to get Cyprus Marriage certificate?

We need information:
- the date and issuing Municipality of the Marriage certificate (or scan / photo copy of Marriage certificate);
- copy of the passport of the bride or groom
- power of attorney to our specialist (text and data of trustee will be sent on request).

Is it possible to legalize the Cyprus Marriage certificate?

We legalize documents in all embassies and consulates of any country.

The cost of obtaining Cyprus Marriage certificate ?

The price depends on several factors and specified in advance.

What is a Marriage certificate issued in Cyprus?

marriage certificate issued in Cyprusincrease

Can Certifing officer or notary or Muhtaris issue original or true copy of Cyprus marriage certificate ?

No, Certifing officer or notary or Muhtaris couldn't do it.
Only municipality or Archbishop (in case of Church marriage) can make marriage certificate.
Cyprus Church marriage certificate

Can I get marriage certificate issued in other country ?

The duplicate can be issued in the country where marriage was registered, no matter in what country you are living now.
We can obtain marriage certificate from the following countries:
- Cyprus
- Russia
- Ukraine
- Belarus
- Kazakhstan
- Uzbekistan
- Moldova

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