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Legalization and Attestation in the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in the Republic of Cyprus

Is it possible to make apostille and Legalization in Cyprus online?

Yes, it is possible. Just contact us.

Price for Legalization in the Embassy of Kuwait in Cyprus

Our price includes all expenses and fees of the embassy or consulate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as delivery.
The price depends on type of document , urgent/standard term , courier service and consular fee.
The consular fee for legalization in Cyprus usually exceeds 30-65 EUR.

How many days are needed for Legalization in the Embassy of Kuwait in Cyprus?

1 working day upon receipt of the original documents.

Sample and example of legalized document in the Embassy of Kuwait in Cyprus

Example legalization for Kuwait in Cyprus

Example legalization for Kuwait in Cyprus

Procedure of the legalization in the Embassy of Kuwait in Cyprus

For legalization we need
- original of the document or certified copy,
- copy of passport of the owner of the document,
- power of attorney.

Delivery of documents after Legalization in the Embassy of Kuwait in Cyprus

Documents can be sent from and to anyone and anywhere in the world.
We use UPS, FedEx, DHL, Cyprus post and other courier services.

What documents can be legalized in the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in the Republic of Cyprus?

- The original of the document,
- A true copy of the document is also accepted only if it has been notarized by the certifying officer in the Republic of Cyprus or certified by the Municipality where it was originally issued.

Any official government documents issued by Cyprus:
- Birth certificate
- Marriage certificate
- Certificate of divorce
- Death certificate
- Certificate of adoption / adoption order
- Evidence of a change of surname, name, patronymic
- Evidence of paternity / maternity
- Certificate of good conduct (police certificate)
- Identity card
- Passport

Legalization on documents about education:
- Diploma
- Appendix to the Diploma
- Certificate

Legalization on business documents:
- Certificates of Incorporation issued by the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Official Receiver in Cyprus
- Statements
- Consent
- Power of Attorney
- Other documents certified by a notary
- Contracts
- Memorandum and Articles of Association (Charter) of the Company.

All documents can be translated.

translation agency

Address and contact details of the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in the Republic of Cyprus

38 Armenias Street
2003 Nicosia

Tel.: + 357 22 46 55 66, + 357 22 44 78 75 (Ambassador's Office)
Fax: + 357 22 454 424
E-mail: kuwait.emb@cytanet.com.cy

Consular Section:
Tel.: + 357 22 46 55 66
Fax: + 357 22 45 44 24
E-mail: : kuwait.emb@cytanet.com.cy

Office hours:
09:00 – 15:00 (Monday - Friday)

National Day:
25 & 26 February - Independence Day

H.E. Mr. Waleed Ahmad Al-Kandari
Mrs Nuha Aljeean

Mr. Abdulaziz Alazemi
First Secretary
Mrs. Khuloud Alazemi

Mr Ábdulrahman Boodai
Second Secretary
Mrs Hanan Ahmad Alkharafi

Mr. Jasem M. A. N. F. Alrekaibi
Third Secretary

Mr. Faras Alabdulghani
Mrs Ohoud Alroudhan

Mr Emad Alosaimi
Mrs Amirah Shamsallah

Mr Faisal Alshuaib
Mrs Taibah Alqassab

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