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Laser arrests in Cyprus

TWO young boys were yesterday arrested on suspicion of using deadly lasers to blind a police helicopter pilot while he was flying over Limassol on Thursday night.

Police said the two 14-year-olds had been charged in writing and released.

The boys were arrested at around 3am for using the powerful lasers to distract the pilot while he was in-flight, thus jeopardising human lives with their thoughtless action, police said.

Polemidia police station officers found one of the two boys in possession of a laser device at a park in Ypsonas village. Investigators were led to the youth following a tip-off from a member of the public that children frequented the particular park and beamed laser rays at oncoming cars and residents. A subsequent search of the teen's home found an../OTHER 10 similar devices. During questioning the youth allegedly told police he'd purchased a total of 24 lasers online and already sold 13 of them to his friends and classmates. He however denied using the devices to harass oncoming cars and residents, police said.

In the meantime investigators secured evidence against a second 14-year-old in connection with the helicopter incident. The teen was arrested and remanded in custody for questioning. He and the first boy were later arrested, police said.

Four Larnaca National Guards are currently in two-day custody on similar charges involving flashing lasers at low-flying commercial aircraft as they descend for landing at Larnaca Airport.

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