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Cost of Living in Cyprus

Food & Drink Prices in Cyprus

Despite boasting a similar standard of life to the UK, the cost of living in Cyprus is actually around 30% lower than it is in Britain (and the weather's better too).

RESTAURANTS: Generally speaking, restaurants are a lot cheaper in Cyprus than they are in the UK. Using 'Pizza Express' as an example, we found that the Cypriot 'Pizza Express' restaurant menu is around 23% cheaper than its British equivalent.

Unlike some other Mediterranean destinations, Cyprus boasts a wide range of different international cuisine, all at very favourable prices.

FOOD & DRINK: On the subject of alcohol, Cyprus offers local and imported beers from about EUR 2.00 per pint, a wide range of wines from around EUR 3.30 per bottle and even a good quality bottle of local brandy from as little as EUR 5.99

In a typical supermarket, you can expect to pay around EUR 1.21 per pint (bottle) for Cyprus beer Keo/Carlsberg and around EUR 3.20 to EUR 3.50 for Cypriot wine (Aphrodite, Othello, Thisby etc.).

But of course, as with any other destination in the world, if you visit Cyprus' typically touristy places, you will pay substantially more.

With regards to food, Cyprus offers an excellent variety of fresh and inexpensive fruit, vegetables, meat and fish.

Tobacco, Clothing & Electricals
TOBACCO: is very inexpensive in Cyprus compared to the UK. Local cigarettes are available from around EUR 2.50, imported cigarettes (Marlboro, Silk Cut, B&H, etc.) from approximately EUR 3.40. Golden Virginia Rolling Tobacco sells for about EUR 4.75 per 50g pouch.

CLOTHING: Clothing in Cyprus can be bought at very reasonable prices, because Cyprus is used as a manufacturing base by various UK clothing manufacturers.

ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES: For the last few years, a wide variety of domestic appliances with leading brand names are available at very competitive prices. For example, washing machines averaging at EUR 270 and fridge freezers at EUR 299.
One exception on the electrical appliance front are tumble dryers, which are comparatively expensive in Cyprus at around EUR 290. But then, with an average 326 sunny days each year, they are not the most common appliance around.

What about the day to day cost of living in Cyprus?

Aside from the fact that groceries (especially meat, fruit & vegetables) tend to be substantially cheaper than in the UK, the taxation aspect should also be considered in the overall cost of living in Cyprus.
In the UK one of the major expenses for any home owner is Council Tax, with the average annual bill now exceeding the EUR 1,300 mark.
In Cyprus however, the equivalent charge is not nearly so dramatic, with 'council tax' weighing in at a staggering EUR 120 to EUR 140 per year, plus a 'refuse tax' of about another EUR 170.

For many of us, income is another important consideration.
Did you know that Cyprus benefits from one of the most benevolent tax regimes in Europe?

If this has whetted your appetite and you want to find out more about buying a beautiful home in Cyprus, be sure to contact us for more information on property developments, availability and prices in all areas of the Republic.
The cost of living in Cyprus is substantially lower than in the United Kindom
The weather aside for a moment, there has been some talk amongst British expatriates in the Republic of late complaining about the high cost of living in Cyprus.

Whilst it is true that, compared to 'minimum*' local wages, living in Cyprus is actually only slightly cheaper than it is in the UK, most expatriates discussing the issue fail to mention that they happen to be considerably better off residing in Cyprus than in the United Kingdom.
Professionals moving to the island have little to fear, since specialists usually command above average wages in the Republic.

*By minimum wages, we really do mean minimum wages

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