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Chinese translation and translators from Chinese to English

We do translations worldwide.

Price and cost for Chinese to English and from English to Chinese translation

Some companies and sites offer price from 0.03 cents per word.
For this price they do Google translation and Chinese college students check the quality of the translation.
Some "translators from Chinese" do not even inform you that they do automatic translation.

But when you try to order standard quality translation - they ask standard price - 20-50 USD/EUR/GBP per page with 250 words.
We do not fool our customers and provide best possible price.


Delivery of translation

.PDF file with Chinese translation certified by our translation agency or .doc file.

Hardcopy (printed on paper), printout, paper copy of CERTIFIED Chinese-English or English-Chinese translation can be mailed to any place.

Our translations from and to Chinese are accepted by any commercial companies, government offices or public organisations.

We also provide translated documents from Chinese to English:
- to municipalities and Town Hall to get marriage,
- to schools and universities,
- to immigration services.

Estimated delivery of translation Chinese-English

12-72 Hours

About translator from Chinese to English

Chinese woman flawless face young beautiful

I am a native Chinese fluent speaker, with full command of the Chinese and English languages.

I have bachelor diploma from Beijing Language and Culture University with Chinese language as major.

I also have HSK 6 (C2 Level, the highest level, Native speaker level) Chinese Language Proficiency Diploma.

And Master degree for Chinese Studies from Peking University in Beijing, the language of instruction being English and Chinese.

And I also completed the courses for PhD courses at the same above mentioned university in Beijing.

From 2014 I have experience in written translations as well as consecutive interpretation.

Chinese documents we translate to English

We translate any document issued in China and any document in Chinese:
Chinese Driver’s Licence
Chinese Marriage Certificate
Chinese ID card and passport
Chinese Birth Certificate
Chinese Address Confirmation
Chinese Death Certificate
Chinese Police Clearance
Chinese Degree Certificate
Chinese Diploma
Chinese Academic Transcript

Chinese eyes

Interesting facts about the Chinese language

1. Chinese (simplified Chinese: 汉语; traditional Chinese: 漢語) is official language of People's Republic of China.

2. 15% of the world’s population speaks Chinese, making Chinese the first-most spoken language in the world.

3. Chinese is the oldest written language in the world - over 3,000 years old.

4. The written Chinese language can be subdivided into three forms: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and informal slang or phonetic Chinese.

5. “Mandarin” mean Chinese, because the language used by the officials who ruled was known as “Mandarin” in the West.

6. The Chinese languages are tonal languages. Contrary to popular belief that there are only four tones in Mandarin Chinese, there is also a fifth ‘neutral tone’.

7. Chinese language is one of the hardest languages for English speakers to learn. But Chinese grammar is extremely simple. There are no verb conjugations and tenses are expressed by using time phrases such as “tomorrow, yesterday, in the future” etc. There’s also no gender-specific nouns and no need to distinguish between singular and plural nouns.

8. Chinese writing has over 50,000 characters..

9. Chinese is an official UN language along with English, French, Russian and Spanish.

10. There is no Chinese Alphabet.

11. No word to say “yes” in Chinese. “Can you help me?” — “Can.” “Is it clear?” — “Clear.”

12. The most complicated Chinese character is biang - has a total of 57 strokes. Like the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious of the Mandarin world, biang is an unofficial character. Not only does the dizzying number of strokes dwarf just about any other, biang needs to be written twice! The word occurs in the famous Shaanxi region biangbiang noodle dish (biángbiáng miàn). Biang is an onomatopoeia for the sound of noodles slapping against the chef's table.
𪚥 (zhé 'verbose') and
𠔻 (zhèng 'flourishing') each have 64 strokes: equal most, but both repeat a radical four times, so aren't really so complicated.

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