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Kazakh translation and translators from Kazakh to English

We do translations worldwide.

Price and cost for Kazakh to English and from English to Kazakh translation

Some companies and sites offer price from 0.03 cents per word.
For this price they do Google translation and Kazakh college students check the quality of the translation.
Some "translators from Kazakh" do not even inform you that they do automatic translation.

But when you try to order standard quality translation - they ask standard price - 20-50 USD/EUR/GBP per page with 250 words.
We provide our customers best possible price for Kazakh-English translation and vice versa.


Delivery of translation

.PDF file with Kazakh translation certified by our translation agency or .doc file.

Hardcopy (printed on paper), printout, paper copy of CERTIFIED Kazakh-English or English-Kazakh translation can be mailed to any place.

Our translations from and to Kazakh are accepted by any commercial companies, government offices or public organisations.

We also provide translated documents from Kazakh to English:
- to municipalities and Town Hall to get marriage,
- to schools and universities,
- to immigration services.

Estimated delivery of translation Kazakh-English

12-72 Hours

About translators from Kazakh to English

Kazakh man face

I'm a native Kazakh and English speaker, have an excellent wide experience of translator and teacher.

I have diploma of Kazakh Humanitarian and Law Innovation University, Philology, (Master of Philology).

I studied at University of Derby - professional course design and online teaching for adult education.

I can translate any documents, certificates, web pages, texts from Kazakh into English and from English into Kazakh.

I have an experience in legal translation and medical translation.

Kazakh documents we translate to English

We translate any document issued in Kazakhstan and any document in Kazakh:
- Kazakh Driver’s Licence
- Kazakh Marriage Certificate
- Kazakh ID card and passport
- Kazakh Birth Certificate
- Kazakh Address Confirmation
- Kazakh Death Certificate
- Kazakh Police Clearance
- Kazakh Degree Certificate
- Kazakh Diploma
- Kazakh Academic Transcript

Kazakh woman eyes

Interesting facts about Kazakh language

1. Kazakh language is spoken in Kazakhstan by more than 18 million people and 2 million in China (in the north of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region of China).

2. Kazakh language and Russian language are official languages of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. The Kazakh language (also called Qazaq) is part of the Nogai-Kipchak subgroup of northeastern Turkic languages. It is heavily influenced by both Tatar and Mongol and is classified as a Turkic language closely related to Nogai and Karakalpak.

4. The languages of the Kazakhs, Kyrgyz, Mongols and Uyghurs are so similar that they can easily communicate with each other.

5. Kazakh was first written only in the 1860s, using Arabic script. In 1929 Latin script was introduced. In 1940 Stalin decided to unify the written materials of the Central Asian republics with those of the Slavic rulers by introducing a modified form of Cyrillic. In 1992 the return of a Latin-based alphabet came under discussion, but the enormous costs involved appear to have stopped further consideration of the idea.

6. The emphasis falls mostly on the last syllable.

7. When designating the subject, not only possessive pronouns are used, but also possessive endings.

8. Another feature of the Kazakh language is the absence of prepositions, the meaning of which is conveyed by afterwords or cases.

9. The Kazakh noun has 7 cases.

10. There is no gender category in the Kazakh language.

11. Kazakh has vowel harmoney: ә, e, i, ө & ү are front vowels, and а, ы, о & ұ are back vowels, while Semi(Neutral) - й, и & у are neutral vowels.

12. In native words, ғ & қ are used before or after back vowels, and г & к are used before or after front vowels, e.g. ағаш қазан

13. Before or after ғ & қ and back vowels, и = [əj~ɯj] and у = [ʊw~əw]. Before or after г & к and front vowels, и = [ɪj~ɘj] and у = [ʉw~ɘw~ʏw]. e.g. қиын [qəj'ən], биік [bɘj'ɘk], суық [sʊw'əq], бітіру [bɘtɘ'ɾɘw].

14. Before or between vowels and at the end of words у = [w], e.g. уақыт /wa'qət/, сәуір /sæwɘr/ and сау /sɑw/ х is often changed to қ, e.g. хал > қал, рахмет > рақмет.

15. е, ө & ү are diphthongs.

16. Kazakh Cyrillic Alphabet has 42 letters (15 vowels and 25 consonants and signs ъ and ь :

А а Ә ә Б б В в Г г Ғ ғ Д д Е е Ё ё Ж ж З з И и Й й К к Қ қ Л л М м Н н Ң ң О о Ө ө П п Р р С с Т т У у Ұ ұ Ү ү Ф ф Х х Һ һ Ц ц Ч ч Ш ш Щ щ Ъ ъ Ы ы І і Ь ь Э э Ю ю Я я

Kazakh Cyrillic Alphabet

17. Kazakh Latin Alphabet has 32 letters:

A a Á á B b D d E e F f G g Ǵ ǵ H h I i I ı J j K k L l M m N n Ń ń O o Ó ó P p Q q R r S s T t U u Ú ú V v Y y Ý ý Z z Sh sh Ch ch

Kazakh Latin Alphabet

18. Kazakh Arab Alphabet has 29 or 31 letters one sign (ٴءٴ) - “hamza”

Kazakh Arab Alphabet

Kazakh Arab Alphabet

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