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Slovak translation and translators from Slovak to English

We do translations worldwide.

Price and cost for Slovak to English and from English to Slovak translation

Some companies and sites offer price from 0.03 cents per word.
For this price they do Google translation and Slovak college students check the quality of the translation.
Some "translators from Slovak" do not even inform you that they do automatic translation.

But when you try to order standard quality translation - they ask standard price - 20-50 USD/EUR/GBP per page with 250 words.
We do not fool our customers and provide best possible price for Slovak-English translation and vice versa.


Delivery of translation

.PDF file with Slovak translation certified by our translation agency or .doc file.

Hardcopy (printed on paper), printout, paper copy of CERTIFIED Slovak-English or English-Slovak translation can be mailed to any place.

Our translations from and to Slovak are accepted by any commercial companies, government offices or public organisations.

We also provide translated documents from Slovak to English:
- to municipalities and Town Hall to get marriage,
- to schools and universities,
- to immigration services.

Estimated delivery of translation Slovak-English

12-72 Hours

About translators from Slovak to English

Slovak man face

I do English and Slovak in all combinations of translation and interpreting.

Intermediation for translation and interpreting in other languages on request.

Translation types: Manuals, technical documentation, business correspondence, offers, agreements, brochures, catalogues, presentations, software, machinery control systems.

Translation specialisations: Mechanical and electrical engineering, automation, chemical engineering, law, finance.

Translation quality: I verify terminology by means of dictionaries, the Internet and consultation with the client. I recommend having translations of materials corrected by qualified native speakers, which I am.

Interpreting: Interpreting for all types of business negotiations and conferences, as well as during business trips abroad.

English level:
- Cambridge First Certificate in English (B)
- Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English (C)
- Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English (C)
- IELTS Score 7.5 (1.0 = Non-user of English, 9.0 = Expert user of English)
- State examination in English (Evaluation score: Good)
- Registered in the List of Experts, Interpreters and Translators, field: Slovak – English (Certified translator of English)

4.5 years of residence in English-speaking countries:
1994-1995 - 1 year of residence in Australia
1998-2001 - 3.5 years of residence in Canada

Slovak documents we translate to English

We translate any document issued in Slovakia and any document in Slovak:
Slovak Driver’s Licence
Slovak Marriage Certificate
Slovak ID card and passport
Slovak Birth Certificate
Slovak Address Confirmation
Slovak Death Certificate
Slovak Police Clearance
Slovak Degree Certificate
Slovak Diploma
Slovak Academic Transcript

Slovak translators

Interesting facts about Slovak language

1. Slovak (Slovakian language) is spoken in Slovakia by more than 5 million people.

2. The letters č, š, ž and dž are like the English sounds in chin, shin, vision and juice.

3. The letters ď, ľ, ň, and ť are called “soft consonants”. They are pronounced with the blade of the tongue at the roof of the mouth.

4. C, dz and j are also soft. C is like ts in bats, dz is like ds in rods, and j is like y in yes.

5. Signs over a vowel show that the vowel is pronounced long: á, é, í, ó, ý ú. A long vowel is never followed in the next syllable by a short vowel.

6. The ô is like English wombat, and ä is the same as the letter e.

7. Ch is like ch in Scottish loch. V is more like English w.

8. The letters b, d, ď, dz, dž, g, h, z, ž are voiceless when they are at the end of a word (for example: 'd' will sound like 't').

9. The stress is always on the first syllable of the word. This is different from Russian, for example, where the stress can be anywhere.

10. “Strč prst skrz krk!” there is not one single vowel (it means: “Stick a finger through your neck!”)!

11. Slovak uses the Latin alphabet plus the 4 diacritics: the softener: , the length mark: ´, the two dots ¨ and the circumflex ^.

12. Slovak Alphabet:

A Á Ä B C Č D Ď Dz Dž E É F G H Ch I Í J K L Ľ M N Ň O Ó Ô P Q R Ŕ S Š T Ť U Ú V W X Y Ý Z Ž

a á ä b c č d ď dz dž e é f g h ch i í j k l ľ m n ň o ó ô p q r ŕ s š t ť u ú v w x y ý z ž

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