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Cyprus courier Urgent fast quick delivery and shipment

We can deliver urgently today documents to any location.
Today pick up and today or at least tomorrow deliver by air.

Unique opportunity to send and receive correspondence on regular flights between Cyprus and other countries.

 Courier between Cyprus 
and Western Europe

- UK
- France
- Germany
- Italy
- Switzerland
- Greece
- Netherlands
- Spain
- Portugal
- Austria
- Finland
- Sweden
- Malta
- Belgium

 Courier between Cyprus 
and Eastern Europe

- Russia
- Ukraine
- Belarus
- Georgia
- Estonia
- Latvia
- Lithuania
- Bulgaria
- Serbia
- Czesh Republic
- Romania
- Poland
- Hungary
- Armenia

 Courier between Cyprus 
and Near East

- Turkey
- Jordan
- Lebanon
- Egypt
- Israel
- Saudi Arabia
- Iraq
- Iran
- Qatar
- Kuwait
- United Arab Emirates
- Bahrain
- Oman
- Yemen

 Courier between Cyprus 
and Asia

- Kazakhstan
- India
- China
- Hong Kong
- Thailand
- Vietnam
- Malaysia
- Singapore
- Japan
- Philippines
- South Korea
- Sri Lanka
- Bangladesh
- Cambodia

 Courier between Cyprus 
and Rest of the world

- United States
- Canada
- Mexico
- Cuba
- Panama
- Indonesia
- Australia
- Brazil
- Argentina
- Chile
- South Africa
- Angola
- Iceland
- Antarctica

The way we deliver urgent fast and quick

- from Cyprus door to your door
- from your door to Cyprus
- from Cyprus airport to airport
- from airport to Cyprus airport
- from any location to any location all over the world

The service "Flying envelopes from Cyprus"

flying envelope with wings
Airports of Cyprus

Technology of sending and receiving items and correspondence

Recipient or sender contact us in any convenient way.
We send an envelope (or package) with the correspondence on the next flight to the destination airport.
You receive documents at the airport upon arrival of the flight.
The recipient specified by you will be able to receive the shipment immediately after the arrival of the flight at the destination airport.
We can also deliver to the door.

What is accepted for shipment?

We only send documents, for example:

corporate documents:
- protocols of directors and shareholders
- power of attorney
- certificates
- constituent documents
- decisions and statements

documents of individuals:
- certificates
- statements
- power of attorney

Super Fast courier delivery from Cyprus to any country in the world

Flying letter

Delivery takes only a few hours or one day (including Saturday and Sunday).

For example, in the morning you can hold a meeting of directors in Cyprus, we can certify signatures by the notary and we can make Apostille (our company provides such services as well), and receive these documents in the evening in Moscow or London.

Or we can order certificates of a Cypriot company in the morning (we can do it in 15 minutes), and after lunch the same day get them in France or Russia.

The cost and terms of delivery of documents from Cyprus

The cost depends on the city of delivery and the availability of direct flights, as well as on the cost of tickets.

The cost is higher than price of couriers like DHL, FedEx, EMS or UPS.

Payment and time schedule

Both the sender (preferably) and the recipient can pay by any convenient way
We accept orders non-stop, around the clock, 24 / 7 / 365.
We send documents the nearest flight, including on holidays, weekends, Saturdays and Sundays.

About the service "Flying envelopes"

We have been providing document delivery services from Cyprus many years.
We respect the confidentiality of correspondence and do not disclose the contents of envelopes and packages.

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