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News 2009 Cyprus

06/07/2009. Title deeds will stop holding the Presidency of the EU.

25/06/2009. Ambulance driver latest H1N1 victim.

22/06/2009. Cyprus title deeds again. Are you lucky ? Only 30 percent will receive title deeds.

22/06/2009. Cyprus title again

29/05/2009. Cyprus title misdeeds

29/05/2009. Two main banks see big fall in profits
THE CHURCH of Cyprus yesterday launched its new and improved website

28/05/2009. Cyprus News

23/04/2009. Cyprus News

22/04/2009. Cyprus News

21/04/2009. Cyprus News

14/04/2009. Laser arrests in Cyprus

14/04/2009. Solder stole flag from Turkish post

14/04/2009. a Google for Cyprus

14/04/2009. A Chinese lesson for the world

14/04/2009. The sweetest job in the world

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