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Professional services in Cyprus

Cyprus flag map
Cyprus police
Cyprus birth certificate
Cyprus marriage certificate
Cyprus Church marriage certificate
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Full statement about Cyprus company
Full statement
Cyprus certificate no winding up, no liquidation. Solvency Certificate or Certificate of non receiving order or non-bankruptcy order
Power of attorney
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Wedding in Cyprus, Marriage registration
Legal services

Visa to Russia

visa to Russia in Cyprus
to Russia
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Travel insurance to Russia
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Apostille, Legalization and Attestation in Cyprus

Apostille in Cyprus
Legalization in the Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Cyprus
for China
Legalization in the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the Republic of Cyprus
for UAE
Legalization in the Embassy of Lebanon in the Republic of Cyprus
for Lebanon
Legalization in the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the Republic of Cyprus
for Egypt
Legalization in the Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the Republic of Cyprus
for Iran
Legalization in the Embassy of the Syrian Arab Republic in the Republic of Cyprus
for Syria
Legalization in the Embassy of the State of Qatar in the Republic of Cyprus
for Qatar
Legalization in the Embassy of the State of Kuwait in the Republic of Cyprus
for Kuwait
Legalization in the Embassy of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in the Republic of Cyprus
for Jordan
Legalization in the Embassy of the State of Oman in the Republic of Cyprus
for Oman
Legalization in the Embassy of Vietnam in the Republic of Cyprus
for Vietnam
Legalization in the Honorary Consul of Canada in the Republic of Cyprus
for Canada

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Old Deposit

Signature Authentication

Most of the times the authentication of a Signature or Seal is required. Our Certifying Officer can provide this service in parallel to all other services we offer, saving time and effort.
In other words, instead of dealing with two agencies (signature authentication and document processing) which means time delay and cost, we undertake the whole procedure as one batch.

Cypriot Certifying Officers (sometimes referred to as Public Notaries) are nominated by the Ministry of the Interior and are not meant to be lawyers. They have the right to authenticate signatures on documents as the only notarial activity admitted by the Cypriot laws. As the Public Notary profession does not exist in Cyprus, all other notarial duties are carried out by lawyers.

Certifying Officer has been appointed by the Council of Ministers (Ministry of Interior under the Certifying Law, Cap 29, Laws 165(1)/2012) to Certify Signatures and Seals.

Legalization of Documents (Apostille and Embassy certification)

One of our main activities is the Legalization of Documents. These are documents that have been created in Cyprus and need to be recognised by Authorities of other countries. In this case they must be legalized.

The legalization may be performed by either of the following processes:

1. For countries that have signed the Hague Convention on Private International Law (which was also enacted as the national Law 178/86 where Cyprus is a signatory member) may be certified by placing an apostille(*) on the document.
2. For non-signatory countries of the Hague Convention on Private International Law, the documents must be certified twice: by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and subsequently by the local embassy (or consulate) of the receiving country.

(*) Apostille is a simplified procedure of authenticating a document finalized with a certificate. Such a document is considered authentic under the provisions of the Hague Convention.

Registrar of Companies

Another major service provided by our firm, is the document processing at the Registrar of Companies. That is, we can process all your company related inquiries (either electronically / online or with the traditional way). Based on our deep know-how and continuous monitoring of each document we can assure you that you will be provided with a fast and reliable service on the following:
- Company name reservation
- Company registration
- Company modifications (Shares / Shareholders / Addresses / etc)

Accounting and Tax Services

In addition, and in our continuous effort to improve, we are now offering personalized, high quality services in tax planning and accounting. Through innovation we can respond to our client’s individual needs. We believe that timely and accurate financial information is crucial for businesses to improve transparency and maintain compliance with statutory demands.

The services offered are:
- General accounting – maintaining proper books and records
- Payroll processing and administration
- Monthly, quarterly or yearly reporting for management purposes
- VAT preparation and submission
- Bank reconciliations
- Creditors and Debtors reconciliations
- VIES submission
- Tax advice and planning
- Feasibility study and business plan for company start up
- Registration for TIC, VAT, VIES, Social insurance

Other services

Some more services provided by our firm are:
- Press Information Office for translation of documents.
- Obtaining Tax Certificates from the relevant Authorities.
- Obtaining Clean Criminal Record Certificates for individuals and/or companies.
- Obtaining non bankruptcy Certificates for individuals and/or companies.

- Social Insurance Services Cyprus, order statement veveosi

For any other corporate services that are not explicitly mentioned in our website please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to inform you or guide you accordingly.

MapCyprus Map :
Map of Cyprus, Map of Nicosia, Agia Napa, Larnaca, Limassol, Nicosia, Protaras and Paralimni, Paphos and Polis, Troodos, Northern Cyprus and Famagusta, Antique and ancient maps of Cyprus

DirectoryDirectory :
List of Cyprus companies and organisations (Free online Cyprus Directory), Useful links

post and couriersPost and couriers :
Cyprus post, List of couriers, Post Tariff, Post offices

Work and HolidaysPublic holidays in Cyprus :
Cyprus public holidays

Doctors (physicians) in CyprusDoctors (physicians) in Cyprus :
List of doctors

Information :

About Cyprus, Camping sites, Nature trail, Picnic sites, Temperature of water in Cyprus, News archive    Tax year 2011    Souvlakia    Directory

Money :

Cost of living | Deposit Insurers  | Provident fund in Cyprus  | Do you need travel insurance ?  | New Cyprus tax policy  | Fraud in Cyprus

Realty :

Realty  | Cyprus Property Management Services for Apartment Buildings

Sights :

Larnaca  | Limassol  | Agia Napa  | Paphos  | Akamas  | Nicosia  | Troodos  | Kerineya  | Famagusta  | All Cyprus villages
Kykkos monastery in Troodos, Machairas monastery in Troodos,

Global Business Consulting

To understand the real estate implications and strategies associated with evolving businesses, 24GLO.com provides a process-driven consulting approach to portfolio planning that aligns real estate platforms with operating, workforce, financial and risk objectives and drives informed decision making.

Limassol Marina

Real Estate Services in Cyprus

real estate services

You would like to rent, buy or sell real estate in Cyprus?
You want to make sure that the matter is in the hands of professionals?

When supporting international clients in Cyprus, we cooperate with selected real estate agents.

They perform the following services for our customers:
- Search for appropriate real estate in Cyprus;
- Legal assistance for the transaction;
- Execution of your removals;
- Purchase and maintenance of real estate in Cyprus.

Highly qualified accountants, auditors, IFRS experts, tax consultants, experts and programmers for automatization, accounting software and IT solutions as well as international management consultants work with our Cyprus office.

Our working languages are English and Russian.

Successful business in Cyprus means action. Here is our “call to action”:

Get in contact with us by sending us an email or calling us. Besides that we would be happy to organize a video conference for you or welcome you in our offices in Cyprus. This is the best way to get to know each other and discuss every upcoming questions. We are very looking forward to meeting you!

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