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List of Cyprus translators and translation agencies.

We 24GLO LTD are № 1 translator in Cyprus, we provide the best and convenient translation service.

List of Registered Sworn Translators of Cyprus

AGATHIE SHIANDARI Greek-English, English-Greek
ALINA HORATA OANA Greek-Romanian, Romanian-Greek
ALKIS PAPADOURIS Greek-Romanian, Romanian-Greek
ALONA KATSY Greek-Ukrainian||Russian, Ukrainian||Russian-Greek
ANASTASIA MILTIADOUS Greek-English, English-Greek
ANDREAS KOUZALIS Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek
ANDRI THEOFANOUS Greek-Turkish, Turkish-Greek
ANGIE SAID Greek-Arabic
ANTHI ERMOGENIDOU Greek-English, English-Greek
ANTOINETTE MARIA ARAJIAN Greek-Armenian, Armenian-Greek
APHRODITE CONSTANTINOU Greek-English, English-Greek
CHRISTIANA HADJIPAVLI Greek-English||German, English||German-Greek
CHRISTINA IOANNOU Greek-English, English-Greek
CHRISTINA LOUIZAKI Greek-German, German-Greek
CHRYSO KONSTANTINOU Greek-Spanish, Spanish-Greek
DAINA DEMETRIOU DENBSKYTE Greek-Lithuanian, Lithuanian-Greek
DAPHNE KODJAPASHI Greek-English, English-Greek
DIANA IOANNOU Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek
DRAGANA MARKOV Greek-Serbian||Croatian||Bosnian||North Macedonian, Serbian||Croatian||Bosnian||North Macedonian-Greek
ELENA MARCOULLI Greek-English, English-Greek
ELENI ANTONIOU Greek-English, English-Greek
EMMANOUIL TYRAKIS Greek-English||French, English||French-Greek
EVANGELIA TSOUROU Greek-Spanish, Spanish-Greek
FANOULLA ANDREOU Greek-Turkish, Turkish-Greek
GAIA ZACCAGNI Greek-Italian, Italian-Greek
GALATIA GEORGIOU Greek-English||Spanish, English||Spanish-Greek
GALINA KALLI Greek-Ukrainian||Russian, Ukrainian||Russian-Greek
GEORGIA NICOLAIDES Greek-English, English-Greek
HARIKLIA KOULA HADJISAVVA Greek-Spanish, Spanish-Greek
IOANNIS MOUTSIS Greek-Turkish, Turkish-Greek
IRENE CHARI Greek-French||Italian, French||Italian-Greek
KATERINA PAISI (XIANGYU WANG) Greek-Chinese, Chinese-Greek
KATRIEN DE POORTER Greek-Dutch, Dutch-Greek
KOSTAS MICHAELIDES Greek-Swedish||Danish||Norwegian, Swedish||Danish||Norwegian-Greek
LESIA VADETS Greek-Ukrainian||Russian, Ukrainian||Russian-Greek
LOUKREZIA VARAKOUTA Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek
MAHA SALEM Greek-Arabic
MANDANA NEOPHYTOY Greek-Persian, Persian-Greek
MARIA ROUSSOU Greek-English||Spanish, English||Spanish-Greek
MARIA TΖANTIERI Greek-Georgian, Georgian-Greek
MARIANNA NIKOLAIDI (XAIXIA LI) Greek-Chinese, Chinese-Greek
MARINA STYLIANOU Greek-English, English-Greek
MEGRIK TATARIAN Greek-Arabic, Arabic-Greek
MELINDA KUTΥ Greek-Hungarian, Hungarian-Greek
MELPO STAVROU Greek-French, French-Greek
MEMNIA AKKIDES Greek-English, English-Greek
NIKOLOVA PLAMENA Greek-Bulgarian, Bulgarian-Greek
OLESYA FEDINA Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek
OLVIA CONSTANTINOU Greek-English||French||Italian, English||French||Italian-Greek
OURANIA MICHAELIDOU Greek-English, English-Greek
PHILIPPOS STYLIANOU Greek-English, English-Greek
POLYVIOS PSYLLIDES Greek-English, English-Greek
RUTH LOPEZ-CANO TORIBIO Greek-Spanish, Spanish-Greek
SIMONE MAKRI Greek-English, English-Greek
STEPHANIE PAPASAVVA Greek-English||French, English||French-Greek
STERGIOS KANAKIS Greek-Italian, Italian-Greek
STYLIANA KARENOU Greek-English, English-Greek
TATIANA CHRISTOFOROU Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek
TATIANA ZAITSAVA ZANNETOU Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek
THEODOROS ZAZA Greek-Arabic, Arabic-Greek
VAHAN AYNEDJIAN Greek-English, English-Greek
VALENTINI CONSTANTINOU Greek-Turkish, Turkish-Greek
VASILEIA SILEIA PROTOPAPA Greek-English, English-Greek
VASILIKI KOKOTI Greek-English, English-Greek
VITALI ZAIKOVSKY Greek-Ukrainian||Russian||Estonian||Latvian, Ukrainian||Russian||Estonian||Latvian-Greek
XENIA GEORGIADES Greek-Russian, Russian-Greek
ΟLGA STYLIANOY POLASKOVA Greek-Slovak||Czech, Slovak||Czech-Greek

Certified Translation in Cyprus
Certified Translation

A&P Language Institute & Translation Center Ltd - L.I.T.C.

Address: Cyprus
Professional translations of certificates,legal,academic,technical and scientific texts,corporate documents,websites etc.by qualified translators. Russian,Greek,English,French,German, Serbian,Arabic,Romanian,Spanish,Italian,Ukrainian. Certifications
Telephone: +35725

AC Multiglossa

Address: Cyprus
Professional and Internationally Accredited, Certified translations in Cyprus.
Translation of Greek, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, German, French and 70 other languages.
Certification through PIO, Court, Notary and Apostile.
Telephone: +35722

Alpha Translations

Address: Cyprus
Quick, neat, professional translation from English to Greek and from Greek to English! Best prices. Ask for a quote!
Telephone: +357 25

Russian Language Translations in Cyprus

Address: Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos
Russian Client Group provides professional translations of Russian, Ukrainian and 50 other languages in Cyprus. Translation, apostil, certification of Memorandums, legal documents, websites, presentations. In house delivery of documents. Best Prices.
Quick, neat, professional translations, on any subject, from English to Greek and from Greek to English, at competitive prices please call or email me for a quote.
Telephone: +35722

Tim Drayton

Address: Cyprus
Freelance translator specialising in legal/financial translation from Turkish into English and German into English. Member of the CIoL, the officially recognised professional organisation for translators in the UK.
Telephone: +35725

Translator, phrasebook, Greek lessons
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