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Types of translation.

Certified Translation in Cyprus
Certified Translation

Legal Translations

If you have papers from Law firm, advocate or attorney we make translation of such document :
- Legal Opinions
- Corporate Documents
- Contracts and Agreements
- Power of Attorney
- Applications
- Court related materials
- Law and Constitution

Medical Translations

If you have papers from doctor, hospital and clinic, pharmaceutical and medical device companies we make translation of such document :
- Medical reports
- Protocols
- Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)
- Case report forms
- Informed consent forms (ICFs)
- Patient questionnaires
- Investigator’s Brochures

Financial Translations

If you have papers from bank, financial company, investments company, auditor, forex company we make translation of such document :
- Banking
- Accounting
- Auditing
- Economics
- Analyzes
- Statistics
- Bank Account statements
- Financial Reports
- Business Plans
- Audited Accounts
- Loan Agreements
- Transactions and transfers,
- Purchase Agreements, etc. IDs and documents of proof of address Promotional Materials

Web Translations

If you have a website and want to translate content to other languages we make translation of such document :
- web sites
- web pages
- web stores
- web portal
- web market
- web news

Event Translations

If you need Consecutive interpretation we offer interpretation services for :
- Seminars
- Workshops
- Trade Shows
- Training Courses
- Business Meetings
- Business Negotiations
- Court hearings and trials
- Medial Appointments
- Product Launches
- Tours
- Teleconferences
- Phone calls

Translations for businesses

If you have a business we make translation of such document :
- Contracts, memorandums of association and other legal documents
- Employee Handbooks
- Technical Manuals
- Website Content
- Software Content
- Brochures & Catalogues
- Tenders
- Reports
- Procedures
- Articles

Translations for private individuals

If you have private papers we make translation of such document :
- Birth and death certificates, school leaving diplomas, University degrees, transcript of grades and results etc.
- Marriage certificates and divorce decrees
- Translation of academic assignments and dissertations
- and all types of other documents

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