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Opening deposit for companies

To open deposit for companies you need to open current account.


For opening a corporate account it is necessary to submit the following documents packet:

1. Certificate of Incorporation

The companies Register (the organization that registered this company) issues this document. The document contains the information about date and place of registration.

2. Certificate of registered office

The companies Register (the organization that registered this company) issues this document. The document contains the information about registration address.

3. Memorandum and Articles of Association

The obligatory documents for all companies.

4. Certificate of Shareholders, Deed of Trust

Certificate of Shareholders may have different title under different jurisdiction and consists of several documents. This document gives the following information:
· The number of issued shares
· Who is the shareholder
· How many shares each of the shareholders holds.
In addition it is necessary to submit the copies of certificate of share and information about beneficial owner of the company (trust document between the nominee and the true beneficiary of the company, passport, residence confirmation, work place information).
Passport copy of beneficial owner should be certified by authorized bank officer and also should bear original signature of beneficial owner.
In cases when nominee shareholder is a company, following documents should be provided to the bank: certificate of incorporation copy, director’s info (appointment, passport copy, residence confirmation).
In cases when nominee shareholder is natural person, following documents should be provided to the bank: certified passport copy, residence confirmation.
The bank may open an account to the company that has Bearer shares.
In such case original bearer shares must be kept is a safe custody with the Bank or respective safe custody confirmation from EU bank must be obtained before opening of account.

5. Certificate of Directors and Secretary

This document contains information about director and company secretary.

6. Appointment of Bankers and Power of Attorney

If the company has the Power of Attorney, then it is not necessary to submit the bank form (Appointment of bankers).
If the company has not the Power of Attorney, then it is necessary to indicate a person in the bank form, which will be authorized for the company account disposal in the bank.
The chairman director and company secretary sign this bank form.

7. Copy of passports of the company director, secretary, beneficial owner and authorized person

The passport copy of authorized person and beneficial owner must be certified by the by authorized bank officer.
Copies must also be signed by passport holder.
In cases when passport is not issued in English respective notary certified translation should be attached to the copy.

8. Bank Reference for Authorized person and Beneficiary Owner

This bank reference must be issued by client’s attendant bank.

9. The document that confirms inhabitation of the Beneficiary Owner, the authorized person, the director and secretary

The examples of such documents:
· The original bill (utility bill) of municipal services (up to 6 months)
· Original bank statement (up to 6 months)
· Address confirmed by a bank (up to 6 months)

10. The document, that confirms the company’s present status (Good Standing)

This document must be submitted by companies, that are elder than 1 year. The companies that are registered less than 1 year ago do not have to submit this document.
This document is issued by Companies’ Register in the registration country.

11. Bank forms and agreements

· Customer application;
· Specimen Signature Card;
· Account Opening form;

! Attention ! All documents, submitted to the bank must be in English or Greek or translated in English or Greek.

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