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General description and ability of Internet-bank

Cyprus banks are pleased to offer its customers a new tool for remote maintenance of accounts, which allows users and corporate customers to carry out payment transactions.


Internet-bank for corporate clients and individuals to perform the following operations:

- preparing and sending to the bank payments in Euro;
- preparing and sending to the bank payments in foreign currency (SWIFT);
- Import of payments to the bank from an external data source;
- export data from an external dbf-file
- obtain account balances;
- formation of statements of accounts, and keeping them in the format MS Excel, txt, etc.;
- print payment documents;
- report on the formation of debit and credit turnover for the period;
- getting the balance on the corporate card;
- formation of the corporate card statements;
- transfer of funds from one card to another;
- exchange of messages and send files between users of the system.

The advantages of this system include the following:

Completely missing the client side. It is mean,that all directories and documents are stored on the server of the bank.
EDS (electronic digital keys) may be stored in any convenient way.

The client can have a limited number of users, each user will only have access to specific list of accounts.

Corporations that have a branch network may do full control and management of cash flows of its subsidiaries.

Simple requirements for the operating system of user's computer.
Can be used on different platforms (Linux, Windows, MC / OS).
It works with all common web-browsers.


The developers had paid great attention to the security of the system due to the fact that all the information from the client to the bank is transferred to the open Internet. As a rule, to increase the security protection of the transmitted information is provided on two levels.
First of all, to log in - must know username and password. The interception of sensitive information during its transfer from the customer in the system prevents encryption of data transferred.
To send a username, password and do all the user data using the protocol SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). The main purpose of SSL-protocol is to provide a private and reliable way to exchange information between two communicating applications remotely. The algorithm of the SSL is built on the principle of public keys. This principle is based on the use of a pair of asymmetric keys (public and private) to encrypt / decrypt information. The extensive development of this technology is through the introduction of SSL-protocol work in all modern browsers.
The authenticity of the certificate server of the bank confirmed the international certification agencies.
Thanks to the servers that support this protocol, the certificates SSL, the user loads the site can be assured of at least three things:
Authentication: the site really belongs to the company that installed the certificate.
Secrecy of communication: using a unique "session key", SSL encrypts all information exchanged between the site and its customers (such as credit card number or personal registration data). This ensures that the server transmitted data can not be viewed or intercepted by outsiders.
Message integrity: data sent by this protocol can not be lost or replaced in part by third parties.
The second and most important point is that the implementation of any financial transaction system must ensure that all orders are made ​​to registered customers. To do this, all the transmitted information "signed" by the client digital signature (EDS). It is for this "signature" of the system authenticates the user and allows you to perform the necessary surgery.
EDS - a sequence of bytes, which is formed by converting an electronic document signed by a special software tool for cryptographic algorithms and is designed to verify the authorship of electronic documents. EDS is a confirmation of the authenticity, integrity and authorship of electronic documents.

How to become a customer of Internet-bank.

Just download, or open internet site.
To operate the system on the computer where the key will be generated, carried the signature of documents and sending them to the bank, must be pre-installed virtual Java-machine, at least JRE 1.4.2. with the technology of Java Web Start (javaws).
This version for various operating systems, can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website / EN / Download / manual.jsp .

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