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Translation Agency 24GLO United Kingdom, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow

Translation of documents throughout the UK, including in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.
You can order and receive a translation in any city, including London, Birmingham, Leeds, Glasgow, Sheffield, Manchester, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff.

How to order translation of documents into English

1. Send documents (file, scan copy or photo copy) to email: email info@24glo.com      or      WhatsApp  WhatsApp      or      Messenger  Messenger      or      Skype  Skype
2. We will send a commercial offer and invoice for payment.
3. Pay in any convenient way.
4. Get translation by email or in paper form to the address (delivery to the door by courier).

Options for certifying translations to English or from English.

- simple translation without certification
- certified translation by a seal of a translation agency (can be scanned or in paper form)
- sworn translation in the court

Hello in different languages

The cost of translation from English or to English in the UK

The cost depends on several parameters:
- number of pages
- urgent/non-urgent translation
- specialized terms and words
- way of certifying

Usually, the cost of certified translation with a company seal and signature for 1 page of 250 words less the average price on the market.

Term of translation to English or from English in the UK

Urgent translation is ready on the same day.
Standard time - 3 business days.
Super urgent translations can be made in a few hours.

Translation agency in the UK (London)

Official name: 24GLO LTD
Our address: 61 Bridge street, Kington, HR5 3DJ, United Kingdom
London office: York 27, Waterloo, London SE1 7NJ, UK
Phone: UK flag  UK +44 754-373-15-03
WhatsApp: WhatsApp +44 754-373-15-03
Messenger: Messenger Messenger
Skype: Skype Skype
email: email info@24glo.com

We are officially registered company in the UK (The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales).
Registration Number: Company Number 11527636

We employ only certified translators with higher linguistic education.

Translators and Translators in the UK into English and from English

We can translate any documents into English for the immigration service, university, school, kindergarten, employer, etc.

People in different languages

English translation of certificate and reference of individuals:

- birth certificate
- marriage certificate
- divorce certificate
- certificate of name change
- references and statements

English translation of education certificate:

- school leaving certificate
- University Diploma
- certificate from the university

English translation of medical documents:

- doctor document
- medical certificate
- vaccination card
- documents for insurance company

English translation of documents for banks and financial companies

- account statements
- certificate from the bank about the account balance
- loan agreement and pledge agreement

English translation of company documents

- agreements and contracts
- Memorandum of Association
- certificates of company foundation
- certificates of directors and shareholders
- certificate of registration address
- court decision

We also translate texts and documents in the UK from and into other languages:

Globe with flags in orbit

✗ translation into Azerbaijani and translators from Azerbaijan
✗ Albanian translation and translators from Albanian
✗ English translation and translators from English
Arabic translation into English, translators from Arabic and English-Arabic interpreters
✗ translation into Armenian and translators from Armenian
✗ translation into Belarusian and translators from Belarusian
✗ Bulgarian translation and translators from Bulgarian
✗ translation into Hungarian and translators from Hungarian
✗ translation into Greek and translators from Greek
✗ translation into Georgian and translators from Georgian
✗ translation into Danish and translators from Danish
✗ translation into Hebrew and translators from Hebrew
✗ translation into Icelandic and translators from Icelandic
✗ translation into Spanish and translators from Spanish
✗ translation into Italian and translators from Italian
✗ translation into Kazakh and translators from Kazakh
✗ translation into Catalan and translators from Catalan
✗ translation into Kyrgyz and translators from Kyrgyz
✗ Chinese translation and translators from Chinese
✗ Korean translation and translators from Korean
✗ translation into Kurdish and translators from Kurdish
✗ Latvian translation and translators from Latvian
✗ translation into Lithuanian and translators from Lithuanian
✗ translation into Macedonian and translators from Macedonian
✗ translation into Malaysian and translators from Malaysian
✗ translation into Moldavian and translators from Moldavian
✗ Mongolian translation and translators from Mongolian
✗ German translation and translators from German
✗ translation into Norwegian and translators from Norwegian
✗ translate to Dutch and translators from Dutch
✗ Persian translation and Persian translators
Polish translation and translators, interpreters from Polish
✗ Portuguese translation and translators from Portuguese
✗ Pashto Translation & Translators with Pashto
✗ translation into Romanian and translators from Romanian
Russian translation into English, translators from Russian and English-Russian interpreters
✗ Serbian translation and Serbian translators
Slovak translation into English, translators from Slovak and English-Slovak interpreters
✗ translation into Slovenian and translators from Slovenian
✗ translation into Tatar and translators from Tatar
✗ translation into Turkish and translators from Turkish
✗ translation into Turkmen and translators from Turkmen
✗ translation into Uzbek and translators from Uzbek
✗ translation into Ukrainian and translators from Ukrainian
✗ translate urdu and translators from Urdu
✗ translation into Finnish and translators from Finnish
✗ translation into French and translators from French
✗ translation into Hindi and translators from Hindi
✗ translation into Croatian and translators from Croatian
Czech translation into English, translators from Czech and English-Czech interpreters
✗ translation into Swedish and translators from Swedish
✗ translation into Estonian and translators from Estonian
✗ Japanese translation and translators from Japanese

We accept orders from all over the world

24 GLO works with almost all languages ​​of the world, our clients are located in different countries and their number is increasing, and the geography is expanding.

We invite you to become our regular customer.

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Work schedule:

around the clock, without holidays and weekends.

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Registered No. 11527636      Address: 61 Bridge Street, Kington, United Kingdom, HR5 3DJ      London office: York 27, Waterloo, London SE1 7NJ, UK

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